Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Favorites

My favorite photos of the year in chronological order. (Click for a larger view.)

Sutro Sunset
This is from my only visit to Sutro Baths in San Francisco. I loved the scenery, but it was a bit too crowded for my tastes.

When Boulders Dream
This was taken under conditions that were less than ideal: gray skies, choppy water. I used a very long exposure to eliminate the distracting elements but leave the boulders and their charming snowy hats.

Gathering Clouds, Russian Ridge
Every now and then the clouds do exactly what you want. 

Rainbow Falls at Dusk
One way to avoid harsh shadows in canyons is to wait for the sun to go down. Of course then you have different problems... this was at the very limits of the dynamic range of my camera and it took some work in post to bring the sky back from oblivion.

Minaret Lake Sunrise
Morning light on the dramatic peaks above Minaret Lake – this is just an incredible place for photography. I think I could spend a lifetime there and never run out of things to shoot.

Styx for Sticks
I liked how this fallen tree seemed to be transitioning from this world to the next.

A rare thunderstorm passed through the Bay Area and I was fortunate to find a great vantage point to capture the clouds and lightning.

The Cove
I found this beautiful little cove along the coast near Pescadero and spent a long time trying to get the water, clouds and reflected light to all align nicely.

One White Tree
For all of its beauty, I have found Point Lobos hard to photograph. There is so much to see that I have to constantly remind myself to keep my compositions simple. For this visit I rented a 600mm lens to shoot wildlife but also found that it helped me to see landscapes in a different way.

Taken on the same day as the previous photo, this was the most jaw-dropping sunset I have ever seen.